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  From Here to Eternity 142 THROCKMORTON THEATER GALLERY May 20 through June 25  Image: Judith Selby Lang and Richard Lang featured artists of From Here to Eternity Show Events Opening   From Here to Eternity Tuesday, June 7 th , 5:00 to 7:00 PM 142 Throckmorton Theater Meet the artists and join us for wine and cheese.   Special Additional Event Saturday, June 25th At the Marine Mammal Center  Come to the grand opening of Washed Ashore :  plastics, sea life and art.  This special exhibit is the vision of artist and educator Angela Haseltine Pozzi. Washed Ashore is a community art project that has turned the ugly reality of ocean trash into 15 gigantic sculptures that will inspire you to action through simple everyday changes to your routine that can dramatically reduce your ocean trash footprint.  This family fun day will include children’s art activities, old-fashioned games, food and drinks.

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